World Class Martial Arts Reviews

They have the best facilities I've been to in the area. There's men and women of all skill levels there, so it's not intimidating, and the more experienced people have a lot of wisdom to offer. Everyone there is really positive and makes you feel welcomed!


Ive been doing martial arts for 15 years and this place emulates exactly what martial arts is all about. Great facility with top notch instructors. Great place for kids and adults.ive been to alot of diffrent academys and none can compare to wcma. 5 out of 5 it dosnt get better than this place

Matthew McWilliams

I’ve been attending classes a WCMA for about 8 months now. I’m really greatful to have found such an amazing facility. The instruction is top notch but more importantly to me, the environment is beyond welcoming and friendly. WCMA is family and I couldn’t be luckier!

Kyle Hancock

Great place to train! High level instruction. Come on in, you won't regret it.

Nicholas S

Great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym. Aaron Morris is a top notch instructor surrounded by a knowledgeable group of black belts. The school offers competition bjj as well as self defense bjj taught by a black belt in law enforcement.

Doychin Panayotov

The best Jiu jitsu studio around. You must go try it!!!

Chris Kremer Mullikin

World Class Martial Arts is a great place to learn and grow as part of a family. They keep your goals in mind while striving to help make you the best person you can be on and off the mats! WCMA is beginner friendly and welcomes you to become part of the team from the second you walk through their doors. You’ll never find another place quite like this one to train and have fun while doing it! The skills that you take away not only strengthen your body, but your mind as well. Aaron and Leeann have build a wonderful environment for everyone, adults, teens, and children!

Erin Em

Great place for adults and kids alike

Jason Wise

Our first night and we could not have felt more welcomed! I have a feeling we’ll be sticking around! My son is so excited!

Shannon Broadhurst Bachetti

We just had a First free class to see how my son liked it. He LOVED it! Teachers were great and the students were nice and all introduced themselves when class was over. I’m DEFINITELY enrolling him in this program

Jennifer Huelas

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